Pain on outside of Knee

Dealing with pain on outside of knee is something that many people have had to do due to a sports injury or from physical work related issues. Knee pain can either be something minor such as inflammation, or it could indicate a more serious condition such as tendon, ligament, bone or cartilage damage. If you are having knee pain and ignoring it, you are running the risk of worsening your injury. If it’s severe pain then obviously you should seek medical treatment right away. However if it’s relatively minor pain then you can simply try and rest it and wait to see if it improves before seeking out medical help.

So what exactly causes pain on outside of knee?

Pain on the outside of your knee can be caused by inflammation or damage to your ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), inflammation or damage to the cartilage in your knee, a possible fracture of one of the bones in your knee joint, or it could simply be minor inflammation. Due to the potential for long term complications it’s very important that you determine the nature of the injury, and above all else avoid any activities that could make the injury worse. For example if you have a strained ACL then continuing to perform athletic activities could result in the ligament breaking. If this happens you go from having a minor injury that needs to rest, to a major one that will require surgery. As with any injury the best therapy is rest. If you have minor knee pain that continues after a week or more of rest then you should see a doctor to rule out any serious issues.

What types of exercises can you do to help with pain on outside of knee?

Actually there are several, however it’s very important that you don’t do any of them until the pain has completely gone away. You need to allow your body to heal, and then you can begin training to help strengthen your knee and prevent future injuries from occurring. Exercises such as squats and lunges can help to strengthen your knee, which in turn will help to prevent future injuries. Running, and other types of aerobic training are also good options you should consider. It’s important that you remember when you are exercising that if you have experiencing any pain you need to stop immediately. If you begin to have pain during a training session then you need to stop, rest, and then in all likelihood see a doctor. While it might be tempting to try to push forward and work through the pain it’s simply not worth it. The risk of sustaining a more serious long term injury is too great and can have a major impact on your lifestyle.

Having Pain on outside of knee can be caused by any number of minor or major injuries. Learning to recognize signs that differentiate the two is the best way to avoid suffering a major long term injury. If your pain doesn’t improve with rest the there is a good chance that you may have suffered some type of structural damage and will need to seek medical treatment especially if the pain is centered inĀ  a specificĀ area such as top of knee pain. Once you have recovered taking the time to engage in exercise to help strengthen your knee, you can help to prevent future injuries of this nature from occurring.